Convert any piano piece to PDF, MIDI and XML scores

Import your YouTube link or audio file (MP3, WAV, …) and download the converted score in PDF, MIDI and XML formats.

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Why automatically transcribe a score?

Piano Convert solves several problems that are very common today.

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Today on the internet

Tomorrow on Piano Convert

A technology in the process of being finalized

The entire team is fully mobilized to make it available to you as soon as possible.

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Here is the result of a transcription made with Piano Convert

The transcription is automatic, reliable and fast.

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How does it work?

Get your transcribed score in 4 clicks.

Copy the YouTube link

Copy the link of the YouTube video or get the audio file (.wav, .mp3, …) of your favorite piano song.

Paste the YouTube link

Paste the link or drop your file into Piano Convert.

Convert to score

Piano Convert’s artificial intelligence will accurately transcribe your piano song into sheet music in just minutes.

Download your score

Download the score of your song in PDF, MIDI and XML formats and play it whenever you want. The score is complete with notes, treble and bass clef, tempo and bars.

The advantages of Piano Convert

Piano Convert is one of the most advanced piano score transcription technologies on the internet.


Piano Convert transcribes your piano sheet music with up to 97% accuracy.


The score contains the notes, the treble and bass clef, the tempo and the bars to play it in the best conditions.


The conversion of your score is done in only 1 to 2 minutes.


A score on the Internet costs about $8, compared to $1 to $3 on Piano Convert.

How much does it cost?

Transcribe the first 30 seconds of your songs for free. Pay €2,99 for a full score or choose our discounted packages.

Pianist Pack


4 transcriptions

€2,99 €2,50 / sheet music

Virtuoso Pack


10 transcriptions

€2,99 €2,00 / sheet music

Maestro Pack


50 transcriptions

€2,99 €1,00 / sheet music

Who are we?

Discover the team that develops this innovative technology.

La Touche Musicale is a young French start-up dedicated to simplified piano learning. We have developed a popular application to learn piano with thousands of songs.

Today, we want to expand our field of action by building additional tools to facilitate the daily life of our thousands of pianists.

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Any questions?

We are at your disposal to accompany you.

Piano Convert is a solution that allows you to automatically transcribe any song into piano scores that you can download in PDF, MIDI and XML formats. The conversion is fast, accurate and inexpensive.

To use this technology, all you need to do is :

  1. Copy the YouTube link or get the audio file (.wav, .mp3, …) of your piano song
  2. Paste the YouTube link or import your audio file into Piano Convert
  3. Start transcribing your song
  4. Download your score in PDF, MIDI and XML formats.

You will be able to transcribe any YouTube video or any audio file of your favorite piano songs to MP3, WAV or FLAC formats.

It can handle a large number of songs. However, to ensure maximum transcription quality, care must be taken to provide a song composed solely of piano. Also be sure to import quality audio files to maximize transcription accuracy.

The processing time of the algorithms differs depending on the complexity and length of the song you are converting. On average, it takes between 1 and 2 minutes for a score of average complexity to be fully transcribed.

Piano Convert will transcribe your Youtube link or audio file within minutes to provide you with a score containing :

  • The notes of the piano song
  • The treble clef and the bass clef
  • The tempo (BPM)
  • The bars

This technology is based on artificial intelligence for maximum accuracy. Although it does not guarantee perfect accuracy, it is one of the most qualitative in the world of automatic piano note transcription.

You can transcribe the first 30 seconds of all your songs for free. A fully transcribed score will cost €2.99. You can also choose from three packages:

– €9,99 for 4 transcriptions (€2,50 per transcription)
– €19,99 for 10 transcriptions (€2,00 per transcription)
– €49,99 for 50 transcriptions (€1,00 per transcription)

By being pre-registered, you will receive a discount on your first purchase.

For the moment, it is difficult to answer this question. We are working hard to have the software ready in the first half of 2023.

Piano Convert is under development. By being pre-registered, you get two benefits:

✅ Early access to the software upon its pre-release
✅ An exclusive discount on your first transcriptions

Pre-register and get discounts

By pre-registering, you will get early access to Piano Convert and exclusive discounts on your first transcriptions.